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Viss(VOIS) team members have been helping thousands of people to navigate bureaucracies and solve passport and visa problems for over 8 years. Our experience and contact list provides your customers with a direct link to the best professionals in US Passport and Travel Visa Expediting industry. Our business model is based on four principles:


  • Speed: All documents are processed as soon as received (same-day submitted to the consulate and same-day shipped back after received from the consulate). Our staff is used to work within very tight deadlines and with missing documentation. None of the situation is impossible; we always find a way.
  • Price: We offer best price for both budget-oriented and last-minute travelers. We stand behind our commitments. We  or we will refund all service fees.
  • Customer Service: We believe that friendly and responsive customer service is key success factor. Our team members are trained to reply to their emails and return missed calls within an hour. We have personnel to handle customer inquiries on weekends and holidays.
  • Privacy & Security: Our website uses Premium Extended Validation SSL certificate, which is the highest level of online assurance available today. All the data coming from website to our database are highly secured with 2048 bit encryption. The customer private information (such as credit card info) are encrypted in the database and destroyed after the successful transaction. We do not store client’s credit card information. Additionally, we shred all customer related paper documents every 6 months.